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Saturday, 15 December 2012

About Me

  My full name is Chua Shuei Ray Eusebius, but my friends usually call me Ray because it's shorter and easier to say.

This is the image that I would like my peers to associate me with. I chose this sketchbook as the image because in my spare time, I usually like to draw and sketch anything that comes to mind.

  One of my hobbies is drawing. Every time I have an idea or story, I would draw down the characters of the idea/story so I could better put their personality, backgrounds and looks into paper. 

  I enjoy swimming. I like it because when you swim, you do not feel sweaty because you are already wet. Swimming also gives you the feeling of weightlessness, like you're in zero gravity. It is also fun to play games like catching/tag because unlike normal catching/tag, you can swim under the catcher/tagger to avoid being caught. 

  Besides drawing, one of my favourite pastimes is reading. Reading is fun. It's like traveling to another place, where you could see the adventures that other people were having. Live the story in the book. As Emily Dickson once said, "There is no frigate like a book that could take you to lands far away."

  Talking to people. It depends on which subject. Some subjects, like gaming, books and science facts are something that I can talk about easily. Other subjects, like the latest fashion sense or the newest song composed by the latest artist, are something less easily to talk about. 

  Well, that is about it for now. I look forward to posting more posts on my blog. Thank You!

  Below is the Hyperlink to my PICASA Album.

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