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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Places I like to go to in Singapore

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I will be describing three of the eleven locations displayed on the map.

1. Bethesda Katong Church. 
This is the church that I go to every Sunday. It is composed of two buildings. One is the church itself, the other building is a house that my church has bought over from the government. The church itself is a medium sized building. I like going there as it is a place where I can worship God. 

2. Eastpoint Mall
This is the mall that is closest my home. It is a large building that houses five floors of shops and six floors of parking lots. I say only five floors of shops because the sixth floor is filled with tuition centres. (Sigh...) I like going here because it is convenient to go to, rather making the trip to any of the nearby malls. Eastpoint is about to close for renovation. Which means that I will have to go to Changi City Point for my braces. (Sigh......)

3. Tampines Library
As I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I like to read and draw. Thus, I go to Tampines Library to borrow drawing books and reading materials to strengthen my imagination. 

To quote from Looney Tunes, "That's all, folks!"      

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